Super Bowl vs Olympics vs World Cup

This is the epitome of comparing apples to oranges.  The Super Bowl is a single-day television event, largely isolated to just the United States.  The Winter Olympics, while international, doesn't have the same kind of viewership that the Summer Olympics has, possibly because it largely excludes countries that don't participate in winter sports.  The Winter Olympics also has the advantage of putting up large numbers because it is televised on multiple stations that showcase multiple events over the course of a couple weeks.


The World Cup trumps even the Olympics.  It is a month-long event that takes place in the summer and televises the world's most popular game to an international audience.  Corporate sponsorships are priced ~$75 million per sponsorship.  That's nearly 20 times the cost of a Super Bowl ad, BUT this includes a lot of bonus spots and a confirmed number of spots that eclipses 400.  This puts increased pressure on agencies and corporations to keep their message fresh because no one wants to be diluted with the same commercial over 400 times for a month.  


The Olympics offers more competitive rates over a sustained period, but ratings will likely diminish based on time of day, event, and so forth…Figure skating may not appeal to a younger audience, whereas snowboard superpipe may not appeal to an old crowd.  


The trick to determining whether or not to advertise during one of these highly visible sporting events is to do some thorough cost analysis and opportunity cost analysis and decide which suits your target demographic best.  Will the impression you get with a Super Bowl ad give you the frequency you want?  Will the frequency you get with a World Cup or Olympics ad reach the number of people you want it to reach (think Croatia vs Cameroon in the WC or Curling for the Olympics)?  


Regardless of what happens, the CPM will continue to rise and so will the price for a single spot (as high as $10 million/ 30 seconds for the Super Bowl by 2040).  Why does this happen?  It's not just because of the VOLUME of people reached, but the quality of ads increases on the world's biggest stages.  During the Super Bowl, people don't turn the channel, the viewership of advertisements actually EXCEEDS that of the game itself!  Exciting times indeed….

The Future of eSports

The greatest achievement of the International 3 is that the prize money was entirely fan-raised.  DOTA 2  (Defense of the Ancients 2), is a sequel to a popular modification to the Blizzard game Warcraft 3, with Valve developing the successor. DOTA 2 is a free-to-play game, with micro-transactions for cosmetic and non-essential items. This payment model has become an increasingly popular trend in the gaming industry, and while risky, huge profits have been made by game companies when implemented correctly.  For the third tournament, Valve decided to test the popularity of the event with an in-game item for sale called the Compendium.

The Compendium gave a number of cosmetic items, as well as a way to interact in the tournament with a betting system, information on the teams and players, and up to date statistics. In addition to the Compendium, Valve put rewards for the number of money raised with different prizes once money goals were achieved. The total money raised by players was over 2.9 million dollars by 290 thousand people purchasing the 10 dollar Compendium, all of which was given to the top 8 teams.  This made for the greatest payout ever in a single eSports event. The gamble has paid off for Valve. With the prize money raised, Valve could focus its money on the event which raised production values to new heights. The International 3 is proof positive that eSports are viable sports, and evidence of how effective crowd sourcing can be.

Jacksonville Running Company Prepares MMM for 5K

If you have ever been athletic in any capacity whatsoever, running is more than likely the hallmark of your sport.  If it's not, it's undoubtedly the cornerstone of any kind of conditioning program you may have been a part of.  I, myself (along with JD and Justin), have backrounds as athletes in our collective pasts, but any athlete invariably encounters their fair share of injuries.  Today's focus was on how to run safely, efficiently, and get the most out of your run.  As someone with an exercise science backround, I found revisiting these principles helpful, and Chris was able to explain difficult movements and body mechanics in such a way that anyone would be capable of grasping them.  Any athlete knows that dedication and a solid work ethic along with proper technique is vital to achieving the desired result, but it's equally important to utilize the best equipment at your disposal.  For runners, it doesn't get more important than the shoes you put on your feet.  That being said, I encourage everyone to check out Jacksonville Running Company at either the Tapestry Park or Bartram Park location and get a shoe that specifically suits you at no additional cost than the retail price.  The fit process is comprehensive and includes video analysis of your stride, foot pressure scanning, and much more.  I am the proud owner of a pair of Asics Gel Cumulus, and I will put them to good use tomorrow as I stride through the streets of Fernandina Beach.  Happy 4th of July to all!!!!

Mad Men Mock Draft In Review

Category: Jacksonville Ad Agency,Sports and Entertainment • April 26, 2013

1.  Luke Joeckel/Eric Fisher-Kansas City: The Chiefs made this selection purely based on their scheme and what they thought Fisher could do in it

2.  Eric Fisher/Luke Joeckel-Jacksonville: The best possible thing to happen to the Jags.  They get the best overall talent in the draft.

3.  Geno Smith/Dion Jordan-Miami (from Oakland): A good selection to put on the other side of Cameron Wake

4.  Dion Jordan/Lane Johnson-Philadelphia: 3 tackles in the first 4 picks.  Next year we'll see who takes Vick's place.

5.  Dee Milliner/Ezekiel Ansah-Detroit: A good selection with a lot of upside to replace the departed Kyle Vanden Bosch.

6.  Jarvis Jones/Barkevious Mingo-Cleveland: Another selection based purely on potential.  In time, Mingo could be a force….needs to add some weight and get stronger.

7.  Ezekiel Ansah/Jonathan Cooper-Arizona: Must be good since he's the first guard selected this high in a decade and a half.  Selected for his pass blocking ability, needs to improve in the run game.

8.  EJ Manuel/Tavon Austin-St Louis (from Buffalo): Good trade by the Rams to move up to get the most electrifying receiver in the draft.

9.  Barkevious Mingo/Dee Milliner-New York Jets: The obvious choice to replace Darrell Revis.

10.  Chance Warmack/Chance Warmack-Tennessee: The highly decorated guard from Alabama went right where everyone though he would.

11.  Tavon Austin/DJ Fluker-San Diego: Austin was gone at this point, so it didn't hurt to get Rivers some protection and improve a weak run game while they're at it.

12.  Lane Johnson/DJ Hayden-Oakland (from Miami): A good corner, if healthy…could be the best one in the draft in the same mold as Patrick Peterson.

13.  Sharrif Floyd/Sheldon Richardson-New York Jets: Bolsters a weak line in New York.

14.  Bjoern Werner/Star Lotulelei-Carolina: The Panthers take the best NT in the draft.  At best, he may be the next Haloti Ngata.

15.  Xavier Rhodes/Kenny Vaccaro-New Orleans: The Saints address the secondary and take the consensus best safety in the draft.

16.  Kenny Vaccaro/EJ Manuel-Buffalo (from St Louis): If EJ Manuel can improve his decision making and ability to dissect defenses, this will turn out to be a good pick.  All the measurables are there.

17.  DeAndre Hopkins/Jarvis Jones-Pittsburgh: A very good rush linebacker to replace Harrison

18.  DJ Fluker/Eric Reid-San Francisco (from Dallas): San Francisco rebuilds its secondary immediately after their Super Bowl campaign, ensuring they may be their next year.

19.  Tyler Eiffert/Justin Pugh-New York Giants: One of two “WTF” picks in the draft.

20.  Star Lotulelei/Kyle Long-Chicago: Not that the Bears couldn't use the help on the line, but they also lost their leader on the defense and a gaping hole at middle linebacker that could have easily been filled.

21.  Eric Reid/Tyler Eiffert-Cincinnati: Pairing Eiffert and Gresham could be as good as the Hernandez/Gronk tandem in New England…..if not better.

22.  Cordarrelle Patterson/Desmond Trufant-Atlanta (from St Louis): A good pickup to replace a CB they had lost during free agency.

23.  Manti Te'o/Sharrif Floyd-Minnesota: Finally, the highest graded DT finds a home on perhaps the leagues best D line.  Jared Allen could break the sacks record this year

24.  Datone Jones/Bjoern Werner-Indianapolis: A departure from the norm, the Colts draft the big-bodied Werner who has a lot of potential, in the mold of JJ Watt

25.  Desmond Trufant/Xavier Rhodes-Minnesota: A big position need, the Vikings select the second best corner in my opinion

26.  Eddie Lacy/Datone Jones-Green Bay: Best possible scenario for Green Bay happened.  They got some help on defense and still added Lacy in the second round.

27.  Justin Hunter/DeAndre Hopkins-Houston: A good receiver to put on the opposite side of Johnson.  

28.  Sylvester Williams/Sylvester Williams-Denver: A solid pick to ensure their D line is stout this coming year.

29.  DJ Hayden/Cordarrelle Patterson-Minnesota (from New England): The Vikes get a new receiver, and between Rudolph and Jennings, Ponder should have a lot to be happy about.  Also the Vikings 3rd pick in the latter half of the 1st round.

30.  Zach Ertz/Alec Ogletree-St Louis (from Atlanta): Between Laurinaitis and Ogletree, the Rams give opponents a reason to be terrified about throwing across the middle

31.  Matt Elam/Travis Frederick-Dallas (from San Francisco): This was the “OMG, WTF is Jerry Jones thinking?” pick of the draft.  Jones slips further into senility and the Cowboys get worse or stay the same.  The Cowboys of the 90s are probably hanging their heads in shame.

32.  Tank Carradine/Matt Elam-Baltimore: A very good pick falls to the Ravens.  Elam is a physical safety that fits the mold.  Now that Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard are gone, this was a huge need.

Mad Men NFL Mock Draft Part 4 of 4

Category: Jacksonville Ad Agency,Sports and Entertainment • April 24, 2013

26.  Green Bay- Eddie Lacy (RB- Alabama) This selection may or may not surprise some people as he could or could not figure to be a first round pick, given his combine performance.  The tape doesn't lie and Lacy is a dominant and durable back, in the same mold as Trent Richardson.  I've been saying for half a decade that Green Bay is a feature running back away from being a dynasty.

27.  Houston- Justin Hunter (WR- Tennessee) I wanted to mock Hunter to the Packers because of the departure of Greg Jennings, but running back was such a glaring weakness.  Houston comes up aces in this position, drafting a 6'4 receiver with a Randy Moss sort of build.  He has had a knee injury in the past, but he runs fluid routes and as the old adage goes, “You can't teach height”.  This pick is especially important given that Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub aren't youngsters anymore.  

28.  Denver- Sylvester Williams (DT- North Carolina) Yes, I know that the Broncos picked up Terrence Knighton in free agency, BUT sometimes Pot Roast has had difficulty maintaining his weight.  I also know that Denver runs a 3-4 scheme, but don't expect Knighton to be an every down tackle.  Williams is one of the best at this position in the draft, and at 6'3 and over 300 lbs, Williams could potentially be a more athletic version of Knighton.

29.  New England- D.J. Hayden (CB- Houston) Last year, Hayden collided with another player so hard that he sustained damage to the back of his heart.  Hopefully, he's made a full recovery and a cardiologist can vouch for him.  When healthy, Hayden has the total package, coverage ability, raw speed, run back ability…The Patriots may take a chance here, one that could pay large dividends.

30.  Atlanta- Zach Ertz (TE- Stanford) Eiffert has already been selected and the Falcons need to draft a tight end in anticipation of Tony Gonzales's retirement.  Ertz is very tall at 6'6 and is a good route runner.  He's not going to impress you with elite speed like Vernon Davis, but think of him as a taller Jason Witten, and with average speed, Witten is a future Hall of Fame candidate.  Ertz is in that mold as a very good route runner from the tight end position and can also be a fantastic red zone option for Matty Ice.

31.  San Francisco- Matt Elam (S- Florida) Elam is a heavy hitter from the safety position.  He's leaner than Polamalu, but he's very instinctual.  Think Taylor Mays, if he had talent and that's Elam.  This is a guy that the 49ers could blitz frequently as well as have sit back in coverage and steal a couple balls and take it to the house.  If Elam were around two picks later, I would love the Jags to draft him.

32.  Baltimore- Tank Carradine (DE- Florida State) The Ravens are absolutely STACKED at linebacker and they have Ngata in the middle of the line, but they have no rush ends worth note.  With good size and speed to spare, Carradine could potentially be a force in the pass game and at the least, serve as contain in the run game.  Some people have the Ravens drafting a safety now that they no longer have Ed Reed or Bernard Pollard, but I'm not a big believer in drafting 3 safeties in the 1st round.