Why MMM?

Here at Mad Men Marketing we do things differently.  And you can’t very well say something like that without actually practicing what you preach, now can you?  So, in order to stay true to ourselves by continuing to evolve – ensuring our clients are getting the best service with the newest and greatest forms of research, thought, and technologies out there – we’ve decided to change the way we view Media.


If you think of it in the most logical sense of how a company promotes itself – there are really only 3 Kinds of Media you need to concern yourself with: Paid, Owned, and Earned.


Paid Media is very much like it sounds – it’s the advertising you Pay for.. TV commercials, print ads, billboards, SEM/internet ads… In short, Paid Media is what people typically think of when you mention basic advertising.


Owned Media is a little more complicated, but still very much self explanatory – It’s the media you put out in the market that you Own. Whether it be your Brand, Logo, tagline(s), business cards, letterhead, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc..) and your website, among other things.


Earned Media is your ultimate goal when embarking on your personal advertising journey.  Again, Earned Media is fairly self explanatory – It’s media that you Earn, based on your Paid and your Owned efforts.  Earned Media is “free”, favorable publicity through efforts other than your own advertising.  So, when someone ‘shares’ a post on your Facebook page, or the newspaper prints an article about you, .. That’s earned, by your positive efforts and reputation.  All good media efforts lead to Earned Media.


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