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Team Take: Mo’s Take on the 2023 Super Bowl Ads (By Mo)

The Super Bowl ads are like the Grammy’s to those of us in the advertising industry.  For $7 million per 30 seconds and a whole year to produce it, we see the best of the best during the big game. So, how did 2023 fare? While there was no “Hey kid, catch” (Hey Kid, Catch | Mean Joe Greene for Coca-Cola (1979))  moments to speak of, there were certainly some awesome ads.  Here are my top 3:

Number 3: Bud Light Hold: Because? You certainly can’t sell Bud Light on its great flavor. But you CAN make me like the brand. We all hate the “on hold” music and know that “experiencing a higher than usual call volume” is total bullshit. So, this guy makes the best of it. When life gives you Bud Light, just dance.

Number 2:  Pop Corners: Breaking Bad: Why? If you never saw Breaking Bad, you did not get it, so it was risky. However, if you did see Breaking Bad, this was an epic ad. All the old gang is back together, too. I have yet to taste anything from an air fryer that is remotely edible, but I might give a bag of this stuff a shot. Worst case scenario, just give those Pop Corners a Texas Pete bath and chase them with a Bud Light while you dance.

Number 1:  Uber One: One Hit:  WTF? Yes — this was absolutely my favorite ad. The best will always be debatable, but this was my personal favorite. We all know Diddy don’t do jingles. Not sure how Uber One is different from Uber, but it doesn’t matter because it saves me. Uber One saves me. Now I can’t stop singing it.  That’s how ads work. Make Diddy excited.