Our top managers have worked with local and regional agencies over the past 10 years, and we have come to realize that effective media planning and effective media buying isn’t something to be taken lightly.  Following an effective creative brand development strategy, planning and buying are of utter importance.  Our unique approach to non-commissioned revenue fees schedule allows us to focus on what is best for you, the client, not what is best for the firm or billing hours.

We also believe that implementing an effective marketing strategy has to do with which channels best serve your needs. Our research is second to none and will never place your advertising dollars across multi-platform channels unless our research indicates we do so.

So many agencies today believe that good creative displayed on a billboard, heard on the radio, seen in print, watched on television is enough to get the job done. Do not forget that today’s consumer is in control and consuming media on demand. We have a proprietary strategy that will allow you to interact with your customer and measure ROI like never before!

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