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2016 NFL Mock Draft

Updated March 17, 2016 to reflect updates from the combine as well as free agency acquisitions.

1. Tennessee Titans (3-13) Joey Bosa- This pick will get updated several times.  I heavily question myself putting Bosa here NOW.  He's got prototypical size going for him, but he looked clumsy at the combine and his straight line speed isn't where I thought it was either, so he'll rest on that good year he had last year.

2. Cleveland Browns (3-13) Jared Goff- If the Browns reach on a QB from North Dakota here, I might lose my mind.  Goff will be a stud in the NFL.

3. San Diego Chargers (4-12) Jalen Ramsy- The Chargers need a replacment for Weddle.  Ramsy isn't a coverage specialist, but he can tackle well and he's good, not great in all the areas you want a corner/safety hybrid to be good at.

4. Dallas Cowboys (4-12) Deforest Buckner- Tall, huge hands, and kinda slow.  Sounds like a Cowboys D-end already.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11) Myles Jack- It's possible Myles Jack could go higher than this.  His knee injury doesn't seem to be a concern for anyone.  He's apparently the best cover linebaacker that anyone has ever seen and San Diego even had him do DB drills.  Risk/reward with injury history, but high ceiling in terms of what he could be.  Could be amazing when paired with Telvin Smith.  Don't worry Jags, I think we'll take Calhoun from MSU in the second round.

6. Baltimore Ravens (5-11) Vernon Hargreaves- The Ravens miss out on Ramsey, but scoop up the best cover corner in the draft.  If he can stay healthy, Hargreaves is a total ball hawk.

7. San Francisco 49ers (5-11) Paxton Lynch- He's a poor man's Flacco.  Right now, the 49ers will take that.

8. Miami Dolphins (6-10) Dame Judy Dench- This is a 100% dig on the Dolphins for making stupid decisions.  What's wrong with you?!  You had Lamar Miller and let him go so you could bid on CJ Anderson and lose him (not even that good).  Now you're looking at Chris Johnson?!   Foolish Dolphins.  Foolish.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10) Ronnie Stanley- It's always kind of a foregone conclusion that when you have a new QB, you have to get a piece to help protect him.  Gives Winston some time to throw to his tall targets.

10. New York Giants (6-10) Jaylon Smith- As long as this kid's knee isn't made out of the same stuff as RG3's, Smith will be a star.

11. Chicago Bears (6-10) Carson Wentz- At least he's not Cutler.

12. New Orleans Saints (7-9) Jonathan Bullard- I don't know if they're going to use him as a tackle or an end.  He's explosive with great push and if he can develop his pass rush moves  a little more, look out!

13. Philadelphia Eagles (7-9) Reggie Ragland- Ezekiel Elliott said this guy is the hardest hitter around.  He's probably right.  Ragland's a beast and he could go before this.

14. Oakland Raiders (7-9) Mackensie Alexander- Good player that plays with a chip on his shoulder.  Thinks he's the best and wants YOU to think he's the best.  

15. Los Angeles Rams (7-9) Laquon Treadwell- The Rams have needed a player with his size and skill set for a while now.  Instant #1 receiver.

16. Detroit Lions (7-9) Taylor Decker- He's 6'7 and played for Ohio State.  'Nuff said.

17. Atlanta Falcons (8-8) Noah Spence- Could slip a little due to his disappointing combine, but only because people thought he'd put up insanely freaky numbers.  You would draft spence here if you're sold on his elite athletic potential.

18. Indianapolis Colts (8-8) Jack Conklin- Elite grit and determination that can will himself to beating more talented pass rushers.  Work ethic will not be an issue with him.

19. Buffalo Bills (8-8) Robert Nkemdiche- Nkemdiche had done some questionable things off the field.  He's kind of a knucklehead, BUT you can't deny he's a gifted athlete at his position and Rex Ryan  is just the guy to give him a shot. 

20. New York Jets (10-6) Kendall Fuller- Good tackler and a good cover corner that can take an INT to the house or bite on a double move.  If he increases his situational awareness and spends a lot of time in the film room, could be one to watch.  

21. Washington Redskins (9-7) Emmanuel Ogbah- May be gone by this point, showed more speed than some expected at the combine and played for a solid program.  Would be a nice compliment on Washington's line.

22. Houston Texans (9-7) Josh Doctson- The Texans need to take some heat off of Deandre Hopkins and they already filled their need for runningback in free agency so they won't be looking at Elliott.  Instead, Houston adds another receiving threat that can go up and get the ball.  Doctson already has above average height, but his 41 inch vertical jump makes him a legit red zone threat.

23. Minnesota Vikings (11-5) A'Shawn Robinson- Rebuilding the Williams Wall isn't easy, but this a good start.  Robinson has ideal size and strength to clog the middle with enough athleticism to provide some help in lateral pursuit.

24. Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) Shaq Lawson- In my opinion, he's undervalued at this spot.  If he were 2 inches taller, he'd move up 10 spots.  All that aside, the game tape doesn't lie and Lawson is a gamer.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6) Eli Apple- Combination of speed, strength, height, and weight may be hard for the Steelers to pass on Apple.  Made big plays on a big stage.

26. Seattle Seahawks (10-6) Jarran Reed- A beneficiary of Alabama's intimidating defense.  Reed is ideal in the role of run stuffer.

27. Green Bay Packers (10-6) Corey Coleman- This could end up being a great pickup for Green Bay and their aging receiver corps.  Coleman is 5'11 but is nearly 200 lbs and ran a 4.37 at his pro day.  Ceiling- Antonio Brown, Floor- Charles Rogers.

28. Kansas City Chiefs (11-5) Braxton Miller- Big upside and tons of quickness.  Has great instincts and can pull off amazing maneuvers you only see in video games.  That being said, he's unproven as a receiver.  He's only had one year to develop into the position, but as a former standout QB, could add versatility to KC's offense.

29. Arizona Cardinals (13-3) Kevin Dodd- Racked up the sacks in 2015 as part of the pass rush tandem with Lawson.  If Lawson had this guy's frame, he'd be in business.  He's still a bit raw, but well worth taking a chance on.

30. Carolina Panthers (15-1) Jason Spriggs- Long arms to provide plenty of pop.  Played in a competitive conference.  Needs to play more aggressively but he has the tools to succeed at the next level.

31. Denver Broncos (12-4) Leonard Floyd- Some people love Floyd.  Bottom line: he's long, lean, and fast.  Needs to add some size to his frame, but that's nothing that good coaching, good food, and a lot of time in the weight room can't fix.  Great hustle player.

Note: New England Patriots were stripped of their first-round pick for their role in Deflategate.