Crossing the Finish Line

Category: Communications,Jacksonville Ad Agency • August 23, 2013

Being competitive isn't the same as being spiteful or jealous, I encourage the people around me.  A competitive nature simply means that something is driving us to perform and out-perform our previous accomplishments.  There are many studies done on different learning styles and different way of being motivated.  Well, a competitive spirit is definitely a motivator! So if you have one, and you know that you do, how can you implement this talent to better serve your business? 

Competitive spirit is not something you can change or fix.  It is drive, drive to do more research, drive to reach more people, drive to learn new platforms and obtain new business.  Be goal-oriented, not people-oriented.  Despite the stigma attached to competitiveness (especially for women), there is nothing wrong with wanting to be the very best at what you are doing.  Besides, working against your nature just wastes time and energy, and both are very valuable. 

Sometimes a competitive attitude comes with a “win at all costs” mentality, and that is the downside.  An honest game is the only way to play, otherwise you will not ever be satisfied and your “win” will be of no importance to you.  Sometimes a collaborative “team” effort will help you get ahead! 

Remember to relax!  Internal pressure that we put on ourselves can be greater than others put on us.  Don't let your competitive nature turn into insecurity or inability to find happiness in what you have already achieved because you want more.  Take the time to be proud of what you do accomplish!

Why I Worship At The Altar Of Google And You Should Too

Category: Communications,Industry News,Jacksonville Ad Agency • August 20, 2013

Google is the leading mobile operating system with Android OS, which is used by Samsung, (which by itself has a 30%+ smartphone market share) HTC, and many other smartphones.  If that didn't impress you, maybe this will.  Google is obviously the world's largest search engine, but did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest and is owned by Google?  Still not impressed?  Google is aiming to become a leader in digital television and even becoming a high end internet service provider with speeds that reach 1 gigabit/second or faster.  The internet is so fast, your TV is able to stream live television just as if you were connected to Comcast.  If you're still on the fence on whether or not you will pledge your fealty to Google, they are producing Google Glass.  These are glasses that provide the wearer with a heads up display of web content and other user selected apps.  Should you find yourself wanting to distance yourself from Google just to spite them, you're out of luck.  For those of you avoiding Google Plus, you may see a dip in your SEO because Google has incorporated social circles and interactions on Google Plus into their search algorithm.  Swear your unwavering allegiance to this zaibatsu juggernaut or perish in the undertow that is the Google tsunami.  

The Curse of Steve Jobs’ Ghost

Category: Communications,Jacksonville Ad Agency,Media • August 14, 2013

All that being said, the company has failed time and again to innovate in recent years.  QUICK…name your favorite Apple innovation in the last two years (don't worry, I'll wait).  Do you hear the sound of that void of nothingness?  The great innovative company may have lost its panache when Steve Jobs left this mortal plane.  Year after year and quarter after quarter, they rehash the same devices with upgraded hardware to stay competitive in markets that THEY CREATED.  Not only are they not leading innovation anymore, but the price point on their merchandise is far too high and their software is incompatible with everything on the market.  This means that Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and all the other heavy hitters can crank out the latest and greatest smartphones and/or tablets while implementing Google's Android OS.  The only telecommunications device that uses Apple's operating system is Apple and that's why everyone waits 2 years for a new phone that isn't even competitive with what's out there right now.  I miss you Apple, so this is my plea for your return to normalcy, to innovation, and to listening to what customers want and being ahead of the curve.

Real Mad Men, 1960 vs 2013

One of my favorite aspects of the television show, is how they nail the creative process. The research, development, execution, and pitch. Sometimes no matter how hard you want to magically have a great idea, it just won’t come to mind. Other times you can think your idea is ground-breaking, but the client isn’t onboard with your direction. As far as the business world of a career in the creative industry, Mad Men is spot on.

Office Culture
Always watching their back from their coworkers, the cast of Mad Men are consistently out for themselves. Everyone is trying to get ahead, and willing to go to extreme lengths to be at the top. Today, this would be the perfect set up for a failing business. Burning bridges won’t get you far as an agency, as well as taking the time to lend a hand. A successful agency is sustained by good relationships, not only with clients but also with the entire team. Going the extra mile rather than cutting corners is what makes a great agency stand out from a good agency.

The Power of Advertising
In my opinion, this is the biggest change to advertising due to technology. In the 50s and 60s, the media had a certain control that it no longer has. With so many product options, advertising clutter and noise, ways to order, and convenience of the internet consumers’ brand loyalty is nowhere near where it was in the past. Being able to search for the best prices around allows consumers to be fickle with their purchasing decisions.
The power today is in the hands of the consumer. Rather than creating a marketing plan that you think is effective, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Would I benefit from paying attention from this ad, or is it just feature dumping like the other 3,000 advertisements that I see on a daily basis?

So, would an agency like Sterling Cooper be a top agency on Madison Ave. in 2013? No, just as the world evolves over time, so must agencies. Technology has pushed agencies to become more consumer-driven in their strategies. While Sterling Cooper would wine-and-dine their clients into their ideas, it was mainly their way or the highway. Today a lot more listening needs to be done rather than talking.

As Don would say “If you don’t like what people are saying, change the conversation.” However Don never had to deal with Yelp reviews. Sorry Don, your persuasive words might not make the cut in modern advertising. Time to work on your people skills!

Where Did The Ads Go?

In the past, Dell was unique because you could go online and customize a computer to your specifications. As a matter of fact, you can STILL do that…BUT did you KNOW that? NO, because they don't remind you that they can do that. You probably also didn't know that Dell enhanced their presence on QVC and that they added Alienware's high end gaming PC's to their arsenal. The U.S. military has a contract with Dell as well and updates all their PC's every 2 years on the average, perhaps as a direct result of their market saturation at the height of Dell's popularity They don't remind you that it was their company and founder Michael Dell that revolutionized the home computer industry by simply catering to consumer needs and streamlining the production process. The point is that once you have a successful marketing campaign, you don't stop. You alter your approach, but YOU DO NOT STOP ADVERTISING.

As a lovely freebie to those of you who read this blog, let me just add that you no longer need to spend a lot of money on a computer. You can purchase a bare-bones PC at Best Buy or another convenient retail chain for around $300 brand new, and it will do everything that 80% of you need it to do. The only thing it will lack is high end processing and graphics capabilities that gamers require and it won't have the software or maybe even the hardware to support a media software intensive job. Aside from those two things, if all you use your computer for is to type the occasional document and surf the web, a cheap one will do just fine. You're welcome. 🙂