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Crossing the Finish Line

I am competitive. I get in and out of the grocery store- first. A basket takes far less time than a cart. I get ready much faster than anyone else that lives in my house. I race when we ride relaxing beach cruisers to the beach. I want to win and I will do anything I can, usually, to achieve this, no matter how small the victory.

Being competitive isn't the same as being spiteful or jealous, I encourage the people around me.  A competitive nature simply means that something is driving us to perform and out-perform our previous accomplishments.  There are many studies done on different learning styles and different way of being motivated.  Well, a competitive spirit is definitely a motivator! So if you have one, and you know that you do, how can you implement this talent to better serve your business? 

Competitive spirit is not something you can change or fix.  It is drive, drive to do more research, drive to reach more people, drive to learn new platforms and obtain new business.  Be goal-oriented, not people-oriented.  Despite the stigma attached to competitiveness (especially for women), there is nothing wrong with wanting to be the very best at what you are doing.  Besides, working against your nature just wastes time and energy, and both are very valuable. 

Sometimes a competitive attitude comes with a “win at all costs” mentality, and that is the downside.  An honest game is the only way to play, otherwise you will not ever be satisfied and your “win” will be of no importance to you.  Sometimes a collaborative “team” effort will help you get ahead! 

Remember to relax!  Internal pressure that we put on ourselves can be greater than others put on us.  Don't let your competitive nature turn into insecurity or inability to find happiness in what you have already achieved because you want more.  Take the time to be proud of what you do accomplish!