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The Curse of Steve Jobs’ Ghost

Apple used to be a company on the cutting edge. This was the company that brought us the Apple IIE, the iPod, the iPhone, the revolutionary tablet market and much more.

All that being said, the company has failed time and again to innovate in recent years.  QUICK…name your favorite Apple innovation in the last two years (don't worry, I'll wait).  Do you hear the sound of that void of nothingness?  The great innovative company may have lost its panache when Steve Jobs left this mortal plane.  Year after year and quarter after quarter, they rehash the same devices with upgraded hardware to stay competitive in markets that THEY CREATED.  Not only are they not leading innovation anymore, but the price point on their merchandise is far too high and their software is incompatible with everything on the market.  This means that Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and all the other heavy hitters can crank out the latest and greatest smartphones and/or tablets while implementing Google's Android OS.  The only telecommunications device that uses Apple's operating system is Apple and that's why everyone waits 2 years for a new phone that isn't even competitive with what's out there right now.  I miss you Apple, so this is my plea for your return to normalcy, to innovation, and to listening to what customers want and being ahead of the curve.