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Why I Worship At The Altar Of Google And You Should Too

Are you prepared to learn a new word? The new word is “zaibatsu”. This is a Japanese term that defines a business entity that has a presence in several markets.

Google is the leading mobile operating system with Android OS, which is used by Samsung, (which by itself has a 30%+ smartphone market share) HTC, and many other smartphones.  If that didn't impress you, maybe this will.  Google is obviously the world's largest search engine, but did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest and is owned by Google?  Still not impressed?  Google is aiming to become a leader in digital television and even becoming a high end internet service provider with speeds that reach 1 gigabit/second or faster.  The internet is so fast, your TV is able to stream live television just as if you were connected to Comcast.  If you're still on the fence on whether or not you will pledge your fealty to Google, they are producing Google Glass.  These are glasses that provide the wearer with a heads up display of web content and other user selected apps.  Should you find yourself wanting to distance yourself from Google just to spite them, you're out of luck.  For those of you avoiding Google Plus, you may see a dip in your SEO because Google has incorporated social circles and interactions on Google Plus into their search algorithm.  Swear your unwavering allegiance to this zaibatsu juggernaut or perish in the undertow that is the Google tsunami.