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The modern-day consumer is flooded with advertisements throughout the day. Why should movies and video games deviate from that successful formula? Watch some Adam Sandler movies and just count the number of plugs he gives various restaurants (Subway, Popeyes, McDonalds, Hooters, etc…). If you watch one of his movies, there’s even a very large US Army billboard right outside his apartment that they show a great deal. Ads don’t stop there, and it may be an emerging frontier, but video games showcase more and more advertising from year to year.

Did you realize that ESPN commentary and on-air personalities are now incorporated in college football games? If you pick up a copy of NCAA College Basketball 2010, try playing a season with the Jacksonville University Dolphins, and you will notice that in Veterans Memorial Arena you can see the Nimnicht name and Billy Nimnicht’s signature right on the hardwood. On main menus, advertisements for upcoming games from the developer are common to see in every new game. The point is, advertising can be subtle and it can be INTERACTIVE and immersive. The experts at Mad Men Marketing can customize an advertising solution to suit your business needs. INTERACT, DON’T INTERRUPT!