Dedicated Agency

I read some interesting articles at times, and some not so interesting.

But then I come across some that just make me scratch my head.  As such was an article I read where it was saying that “Giant Companies” are starting to use the strategy of a “dedicated” agency, to cut costs and become more efficient.  Now I agree that consolidation is the answer to cost cutting measures (in most cases) but efficiency?  I can see on paper where it seems more efficient, but to what end?  Here is my problem with this model: you fire your dedicated agency after a year or two, then bring them back on a few years after that, and so and so forth.  CMO’s listen up!  You should have more than one type of marketing firm in your corner, almost every situation requires this!  More importantly are you taking advantage of your agency beyond the on it’s face marketing expertise?  Are you having your agency full engaged in the sales strategy and how best to derive consumer driven creative from this type of planning?  The bottom line is that “giant companies” aren’t doing enough work to seek out and find the right type of agencies, or right number.