Truth in Data

Category: Advertising,Jacksonville Ad Agency,Research • May 10, 2012

Epistemology, like so many other things in the natural world, is divided into two classifications…hard and soft.This can be easily displayed using a spatial model, like this: S———–H. On the left you have what we call knowledge by revelation, implying divine intervention, which has no tangible evidence that can back up this new knowledge that you've acquired. In the middle of the spatial model is what is called intuition, popularized by early transcendentalists like Thoreau. Think of this as a hunch or thinking with your heart. Scientists call it emotivism. Finally, at the far right of our spatial model, we have REASON. This is where logic, physics, and mathematics reside. This is knowledge that can be proven by sets of data, or numbers.

You may wonder, “Why did you just read a comprehensive, albeit brief, explanation of epistemology?”. At Mad Men Marketing, we believe that data and research are instrumental in isolating your target demographic. Beware of other firms who may use telltale words such as: I feel, I think, and I believe. Your business is important to us, and we won't leave anything to chance. When we present our carefully researched findings to you, we will do so with confidence because at Mad Men Marketing we understand that KNOWING is better than biased opinion.

When do you no longer own YOUR ideas..?

This topic brings me to the recent law suit between New York-based visual merchandising and branding firm, Hudson & Broad, and their former clients JC Penny. The suit is about a “breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets.” In this case, JC Penny allegedly signed a contract for use of H+B's design and idea with a promise to use it in several hundred stores. JC Penny then allegedly broke said contract and took the idea to another vendor. In this instance, there was a contract, which means they might have a case. But what about in situations where only a pitch is made, where ideas are shared, with no guarantee of any contract being signed?

This is a risk agencies take every day. We thrive on ideas, and enjoy sharing them for the future benefit of our prospective clients. But once an idea leaves our lips, is it really still OUR idea?

My response to this conundrum is simple. With little risk comes little reward, and the converse is also true. Without taking this gamble – agencies would never win work. How can you prove your expertise, passion, creativity and worth without sharing your well thought out ideas? So although it's always a risk, I imagine we all hope and expect that mankind will abide by the 'golden rule'. As the President of Hudson & Broad publicly states, all they want is to be treated as the campaign in question boasts “Fair and Square”.

Working hard, hardly working…

We work hard, but you can hardly call it work when you enjoy it so much! We say we are the best creative agency in town! It's not only because we come up with the best ideas, but also due to the fact that we truly love what we do. Not to say that others don't, I can only speak for myself and my partners on this; but for us, there's nothing better than seeing your creations grow to fruition.

Stay tuned for another magical Mad Men production. We shall not disappoint!

Product Placement

Did you realize that ESPN commentary and on-air personalities are now incorporated in college football games? If you pick up a copy of NCAA College Basketball 2010, try playing a season with the Jacksonville University Dolphins, and you will notice that in Veterans Memorial Arena you can see the Nimnicht name and Billy Nimnicht’s signature right on the hardwood. On main menus, advertisements for upcoming games from the developer are common to see in every new game. The point is, advertising can be subtle and it can be INTERACTIVE and immersive. The experts at Mad Men Marketing can customize an advertising solution to suit your business needs. INTERACT, DON’T INTERRUPT!