Any Given Sunday… On TV

Historically, Thursday and Friday were family TV night, but Sundays are now on the rise. Sundays are your last day of the weekend before the dreadful Monday and chaotic work week approach. This is your last day to relax and why not do so by watching some television with your family?

    Families today are busier than ever balancing works, kids, and a social life. This hustle and bustle keeps families fairly busy on weekdays, causing them to miss their favorite weeknight TV show. The start of the weekend can be difficult, as well, because families usually enjoy going out to dinner or some other activity. Nowadays, it’s almost strange to sit around the house watching TV on a Friday night.

    It can be difficult for TV stations to keep up ratings when no one is home to watch TV on a given day of the week. They must brainstorm and find ways to convince people to watch their show the day it premieres, rather than on DVR or Hulu the next day. Finding days of the week and timeframes when people are most likely to watch TV will help stations become more successful.

    ABC has found a solution and the trend will likely catch on. The network chose to premiere their game show night on Sundays this summer. Kids are out of school, usually bored out of their minds, so this is an ideal time to re-launch family game shows. Parents want to relax before work on Monday and kids want to be entertained. This is a way to keep everyone happy and laughing, while spending time with family. The work week can drag family members in different directions, but they can always reconvene on Sunday nights.

    Family game shows aren’t the only thing on television on Sundays. Shows like, Game of Thrones, attract viewers other than families. Young adults are also watching TV on Sundays before school or work the next day.

    TV networks are catching onto what ABC and HBO are accomplishing. Social media is overloading with posts about Game of Thrones and Family Feud with Steve Harvey. Two completely different shows are bringing people around the television on Sunday nights.