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Truth in Data

Epistemology is the nature of knowledge, or as one philosopher so eloquently put it, “how we know what we know”.

Epistemology, like so many other things in the natural world, is divided into two classifications…hard and soft.This can be easily displayed using a spatial model, like this: S———–H. On the left you have what we call knowledge by revelation, implying divine intervention, which has no tangible evidence that can back up this new knowledge that you've acquired. In the middle of the spatial model is what is called intuition, popularized by early transcendentalists like Thoreau. Think of this as a hunch or thinking with your heart. Scientists call it emotivism. Finally, at the far right of our spatial model, we have REASON. This is where logic, physics, and mathematics reside. This is knowledge that can be proven by sets of data, or numbers.

You may wonder, “Why did you just read a comprehensive, albeit brief, explanation of epistemology?”. At Mad Men Marketing, we believe that data and research are instrumental in isolating your target demographic. Beware of other firms who may use telltale words such as: I feel, I think, and I believe. Your business is important to us, and we won't leave anything to chance. When we present our carefully researched findings to you, we will do so with confidence because at Mad Men Marketing we understand that KNOWING is better than biased opinion.