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Team Take: Super Ads of the Super Bowl (By Joey)

One treat I look forward to every year is the ads that come with watching the Super Bowl. Sadly, I’m a cord-cutting millennial who could not watch the Super Bowl this year… Thanks, Fox. As a person, by trade, who works in both the advertising industry and the video production industry, this night is a great representation of new industry standards and techniques. Every year has its winners and losers. I’m looking at you So, after doing my research and watching a 45-minute Super Bowl commercial compilation video on YouTube, I was ready to decide on this year’s winners.

Star power and nostalgia were at the forefront this year. From Will Farrell to Maya Rudolph, the stars were out most certainly during the big game. Two commercials really stood out to me in terms of both star power and nostalgia. The first was Pepsi’s Great Acting or Great Taste campaign. This was a series of two separate commercials that aired throughout the game, with a few teasers that were released leading up to Sunday.

Pepsi’s Great Acting or Great Taste is a campaign about, well, acting. Starring Ben Stiller and Steve Martin recreating their famous film personalities, the commercials are a spoof of modern Hollywood and the actors that adorn the screens. Filled with visual effects and cliches, the spots are a perfect blend of humor and brand awareness.

I had never heard of PopCorners before, but after watching their Super Bowl commercial I am interested in picking them up next time I’m in the store. PopCorners also leaned into star power and nostalgia with its brilliantly done Breaking Bad spot.

Reviving their characters from the TV show, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul once again enter the world of Breaking Bad. Even though the show has been off the air for nine years, it is still beloved enough to make its way into a Super Bowl commercial. As a fan of the original show, this spot had my attention and did its job of making me want to try the product it was promoting. Well done PopCorners, for playing on my constant need for nostalgia and pop culture.