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Team Take: A Love Letter to Canada, Signed by the United States, in Dave Grohl’s Voice (By Nicole S.)

Who knew Canada had its fingers in so many of our favorite brands and activities? During the 57th Super Bowl, Crown Royal’s ad reminded us to give thanks for all that we love from The Great White North — from actors and food items to even some of America’s most beloved sports.

Why This Ad Worked

Picture this: You and your closest friends are sitting around the 70-inch 4k Samsung, shoveling homemade buffalo chicken dip down your throat while drinking your favorite malt beverage, and Dave Grohl tells you that the sport you’ve all gathered for that evening was actually invented North of the Border. Cue the “O Canada” theme song.

The ad starts by ripping “O Canada” on an electric guitar while Foo Fighters drummer, Dave Grohl, lists off some of the most iconic Canadian superstars. Not that they need it, but Seth Rogen, Celine Dion, and Michael Cera get their milliseconds of fame featured in this ad.

Grohl then goes on to list some of America’s favorite household tools and supplies. Do you have a fresh coat of paint on your freshly renovated guest bathroom? You have Canada to thank for the paint roller! Are you starting a new position at your company? You probably want to look your best! A freshly iron-pressed shirt is all thanks to Canada.

The next list Grohl starts to rattle off really surprised me! He starts listing off food items that actually, contrary to popular belief, were invented in Canada. You probably thought Hawaiian pizza started in Hawaii (as did I). WRONG! I guess the Canadian ham really takes a higher ranking than the pineapple. And Those instant mashed potatoes your college teen decided to bring to Thanksgiving as their “contributing dish”? Canada.

I think the honorable mention of the ad that really raised millions of eyebrows on the night of the Super Bowl, was that football was actually developed by our Northern neighbors. Not only does Grohl mention that Canada created football, he then follows up with “Look it up!” as if the millions of sports fans watching wouldn’t believe him.

The Outcome

The ad performed as it was predicted to! On Twitter, hundreds of triggered users shared screenshots of them Googling the question that just blew their minds. Many people were admitting that they couldn’t believe it, myself included! As soon as I heard this questionable statement, I took my texting fingers to Google to fact-check; lo and behold, Canada is the answer.

Not only did Crown Royal pay homage to Canada the night of the most watched “American” sporting event, but they proved that advertising works — because everyone is talking.