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Mobilizing Marketing:  The Shift to Mobile Ads

The Future Is Now…..or Really, Really Soon

Clearly, mobile ads are the future.  Like, the very near future.  Maybe by 3:30 today.  Utilizing mobile advertising potential to its maximum involves real-time marketing savvy and ubiquitous access to the demos that you are trying to reach.  Mobile advertising allows for both.  Whether its through social media or direct email/text, companies can use mobile ads to get their products and their brand literally in the hands of consumers.  

    Technology trends are pointing towards wearables and modular applications.  My 5 year-old has a tablet.  So does my 93 year-old great-grandmother.  Opposite ends of the age demo but digitally connected to the world in the same way.  The way that companies market themselves as a whole is going to continue to see a fundamental shift towards mobile due to media itself going that way.  As the younger generations age, the way they consume media will continue to evolve to be more accessible to fit their lifestyles.

       As consumers continue to cut ties with traditional cable/satellite operators and leave the desktop computer behind in favor of tablets and smartphones, the ability for brands to reach consumers through these methods wanes as well.

    Watching shows on the train to work.  In the car on a road trip.  Riding the bus to school.  In the cart on the 13th tee.  It's not what is soon to be happening.  It's what's already happening.  And although the willingness to spend on mobile content is there for those companies that want to stay trendsetters in brand awareness, there are still many companies slow to the party when it comes to mobile marketing.