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Isn’t It Ironic….Don’t Cha’ Think?

After more then a century of being Detroit’s luxury car brand, Cadillac is moving to greener pastures. They are relocating their headquarters to New York to surround themselves with everything they want their automobiles to portray, American luxury.

Cadillac was founded in 1902 in Detroit.  Wonder where the Cadillac name comes from?  The founder of Cadillac, Henry Leland, decided to name his auto brand after the founder of Detroit, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac (quite a mouthful isn't it?).  The Cadillac emblem is even meant to resemble his coat of arms!   

So, why would a company that took so much pride in the city of Detroit just abruptly move its headquarters?  In short, Detroit is struggling to keep its head above water, financially speaking.  New York is on the cutting edge of design and fashion, and boasts a very large cultural melting pot.  Celebrities, wealthy businessmen, and entrepreneurs abound in New York so it makes sense that America's most posh brand have its headquarters in The Big Apple.  In short, it's foolish to cling to tradition simply for tradition's sake.  You ultimately have to take the kind of actions that generate profit, placate investors, and satisfy shareholders.  This also puts Cadillac's leadership at the doorstep of design and innovation and may lead to spontaneous moments of inspiration.  

While I'm sad to see such an iconic brand leave The Motor City, I can easily reconcile why they did what they did.  This is a good move for Cadillac, who will attempt to expand their sales well beyond the markets of the United States, Canada, and China.  It's worth mentioning that Cadillac's headquarters is the only component of the company (which will regain a little more autonomy this year from GM), that will be leaving Detroit.  The remainder of the jobs will remain where they always have.