Good Idea vs. Good Execution

This morning I was having a conversation with Michele, our VP/Director of Business Development regarding good creative vs. good planning.

We came to one major conclusion, some of the best ideas will be shot down if the proper follow through on “going forward” action plan is not followed.  For good reason this is the case.  Recently I was watching a TV program – The Pitch – there was a brilliant play on words that an agency had developed for a client, in this case Waste Management was looking for a plan that was very social media heavy.  Now social media is crucial to the success of companies in today's marketing environment, however, it isn't the end all be all.
The end all be all in advertising a marketing plan is the same it has always been….GOOD CREATIVE. A great idea, with some great copy and great follow through will yield great results. There en lies the problem with this particular case: They had a great idea, but poor follow through action plans going forward. The client clearly expressed a desire to highlight the initiatives the company was getting behind, and how marketing would be the vehicle. The winning agency came up with VERY mediocre creative, but had a “great” action plan – NOT ONE MMM would have suggested, but nonetheless they won the bid. So how does a multi-billion dollar a year company not go with the great creative. Why stop at a plan that can clearly be nurtured with a great idea driving it? These are questions we answer WELL before we actually present to the client. I can assure my company will never give you a bad idea, and especially a poor action plan!