Copywriting 101

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a number of clients ask me questions such as:
What is copywriting?
How can it affect my sales?
Where is it important to have strong copy?
Does copywriting mean you trademark stuff?

To begin, copywriting is NOT the same as copyrighting. The particular service I’m explaining is where sentences are broken down and reformed to be as effective as possible.  So, what does that mean? I’ll give you an example. If you own a candy store, and you say:

1) “XYZ Candy Store has awesome candy for sale, at low prices!”

You get the point across that you have candy for sale and that they are awesome. However, you can re-word the same idea this way:

2) “Save money on awesome sweets at XYZ Candy Store!”

Instead of saying everything that YOU do, aka feature-driven advertising, explain how it will benefit the consumer. The first says that the company has low prices, but it is up to the consumer to find the link between their needs and the low prices. By leading the sentences with “Save money” you address the consumers’ need, and effectively increase the chance they will read, remember, or even act on your advertisement. There is a lot of power in words and how they are used.

Many times people will load their websites and advertisements with feature-driven content, rather than explaining how their product or service is beneficial to the consumer. This leads to less engagement, higher bounce rates, and becoming lost in the mix of thousands of other ads we encounter daily. In my opinion, it makes you sound like a “ME MONSTER”, as one of my favorite comedians would say. 

It is important to create the link to your audience answering the fundamental questions:
1) Why should I pay attention to this?
2) How does this benefit me?

So where is it important to have strong copy? Everywhere! You website, social media, advertisements, and anywhere your potential customer may be searching for info on your business. If you have a burning desire for feature-driven content, keep it to About Us and Bio pages. Create the link to your consumer, and see how the power of words can help you get the most out of your ad dollars.