Why aren’t you looking for an ad agency?  Going from good to great!

This is a question I pose from time to time to friends that own businesses or even people I happen to have a conversation with while waiting for a table at a restaurant. There is something funny about business owners and/or “marketing” people at a respective business. We have had some interesting conversations lately when pitching ideas.

One such conversation happened about a week or so ago…when the “marketing” person at this particular company said he doesn't believe we can get better rates on ad space and that he is doing everything right and wouldn't want to risk a good thing. Now, I can agree with not wanting to mess with a good thing, but why would you not want to hear some ideas from experts on the issue and potentially go from good to great? You see, there is a major misconception in the marketplace, namely the Jacksonville market; ad agencies are over priced and don't yield results – this is what we tend to run in to. Well, what if I said HP computers are cheap and wear out quickly — does this mean that a Mac should fall under this category of cheaply made equipment? What about saying I purchased a used Mercedes and it broke down in 2 years, so all Mercedes break down in 2 years? You see there is quite a bit of flaw in my logic if this were the case.

I think it foolish to not take a meeting with an ad agency because the marketplace has made you feel jaded. Not all companies are created equal and to believe so is logical fallacy – as my attorney friends might say. So I pose this questions again, Why aren't you looking for an ad agency? If you are passively looking or waiting for an agency to call you – well you must not care too much about growing your business through advertising. Marketing is a strange game, especially today with the consumer taking in media almost always on demand. Focus on what you do best, whatever that is, and let us be your marketing arm. It's too risky to play games with your money.