Conservative Talk Radio Programming

This post is going to focus on a well known conservative talk show host – Neil Boortz. Now I am not going to be touching any political issues with this topic, this subject just happens to be on one side of the spectrum. He announced his retirement effective next January, and has selected Herman Cain as his heir. I wonder what type of impact it will have on the advertisers that want to be in this current NB programming, at a local level that is.

I think there are a lot of advertisers that choose to align with a show like this. Is it because they are conservative? No it is because one thing – he has an audience! Do you consider what type of audience you are trying to reach with your advertising dollar? I think far too many times companies are choosing to align with a talk show host based on the material…lest we forget the material dictates the listeners? At least in most cases that is. Conservative talk radio is very male heavy with the typical listener falling in to the 35-64 age demo, typically wealthy and college educated. Which I find odd when I hear a potential new client (M 35-64), small business owner – fitting the mold perfectly may I add…buy a program like this. Remember it isn't about what YOU listen too, it is about what your audience listen's to. See with this particular potential new client, who sells tires in a lower income part of town, which is Hispanic and African American heavy, you should never buy a program like this. The moral is please do not buy your advertising based on what you like, unless you are the target demo that is.  And always remember…interact, don't interrupt!”