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Where Did The Ads Go?

“Dude, you’re getting a Dell”! Remember that? These and countless others were staples of strong marketing campaigns that led to the growth of emerging companies. Why do they stop? Do they think that once they’ve advertised that their product remains in-demand for an indefinite period of time? Is this a cost-cutting measure employed by over-confident executives?

In the past, Dell was unique because you could go online and customize a computer to your specifications. As a matter of fact, you can STILL do that…BUT did you KNOW that? NO, because they don't remind you that they can do that. You probably also didn't know that Dell enhanced their presence on QVC and that they added Alienware's high end gaming PC's to their arsenal. The U.S. military has a contract with Dell as well and updates all their PC's every 2 years on the average, perhaps as a direct result of their market saturation at the height of Dell's popularity They don't remind you that it was their company and founder Michael Dell that revolutionized the home computer industry by simply catering to consumer needs and streamlining the production process. The point is that once you have a successful marketing campaign, you don't stop. You alter your approach, but YOU DO NOT STOP ADVERTISING.

As a lovely freebie to those of you who read this blog, let me just add that you no longer need to spend a lot of money on a computer. You can purchase a bare-bones PC at Best Buy or another convenient retail chain for around $300 brand new, and it will do everything that 80% of you need it to do. The only thing it will lack is high end processing and graphics capabilities that gamers require and it won't have the software or maybe even the hardware to support a media software intensive job. Aside from those two things, if all you use your computer for is to type the occasional document and surf the web, a cheap one will do just fine. You're welcome. 🙂