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Top Reasons Why Great Copywriting Matters in Advertising

In a world where videos and photos are all but overtaking our collective attention spans, you might focus your marketing efforts more on painting a picture than you do crafting a beautiful sentence. After all, this is a common sentiment today.

But while design is one of the most aesthetically effective means of capturing an audience’s waning attention, you can’t discredit the power of storytelling and excellent copywriting altogether.

Here are our top three reasons why:

It Generates Influence

Perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words, but what is a social media post without its controversial caption?

What is a billboard without the few bold-print words that drive the brand’s story home with just a passing glance?

What is a beer commercial without the witty quips and jokes that actually manage to pull a chuckle from you?

In essence, how much emotional power are you relinquishing by not backing your brand image with creative copy?

“One of the most powerful things a copywriter can do is break down a reader’s guard with an unexpected approach,” Hubspot explains. “Every story has a myriad of angles — [their] job as a copywriter is to find the one that resonates.”

Visual imagery is integral within advertising but, without the right words to back it up, you’re losing out… on both impact and ROI.

It’s the Language of Audience Engagement

Particularly in a world that is becoming increasingly dependent upon digital interaction, your business’s success isn’t just about the leads that walk through the brick-and-mortar door — it’s also about the reputation you garner online through engagement.

Think about it: The nature of the feedback found in comment sections and reviews are capable of making or breaking some brands, as word of mouth is a powerful tool in the modern day and age. (Hello, earned media.)

Additionally, how you react to those messages — either in a DM or comment or through a larger, responsive campaign — contributes to this ongoing relationship between you and the consumer.

Thus, crafting copy that is specifically designed to appeal to your target audience through every step of the buyer’s journey is integral to your overall advertising strategy.

“In order to create copy that inspires … agency executives must conduct extensive research on how to craft a message that will resonate most,” according to Forbes. “This could range from creating buyer personas to determine the attitudes of those to whom the copy is catered, or speaking with emotion to build a deeper bond between company and consumer.”

It’s Your Brand and Your Story

When it comes to your specific brand, it’s worth asking: Who are you? And how do you want to be perceived by your audience and potential customers?

After all, it’s not all about buzzwords; rather, it’s about how you use both tone and voice to effectively communicate over time.

When you’re building your brand, you want to aim for authenticity and use the language that will best invoke your values and/or message. What’s more, you want that language to remain consistent across different platforms and copywriting mediums, thereby making you recognizable to consumers.

With “bad” or inconsistent copywriting, you might seem ingenuine or unfamiliar to your existing audience in new spaces. Worse, new customers might misinterpret your message, thereby feeling skeptical, let down, or as though they’ve been fed false promises through your use of language.

This is all to say, when an audience knows you, they can trust you and become repeat customers in the future. And the best way to be known? Is with strategic copywriting that is dedicated to consistent and comprehensive brand communication.

But if you don’t know where to begin crafting the right copy for your brand, don’t worry — Mad Men Marketing has got you covered!

Our research-driven agency consists of digital strategists and creative copywriting wordsmiths who specialize in optimizing your brand’s presence, be it online, through print collateral, or other traditional means of advertisement.

After all, we believe your copy should help you interact with your audience, not interrupt them.

So, are you ready to interact? If so, reach out to Mad Men Marketing today by calling 904-355-1766! We can help you grow your business through the innovative application of copywriting. You have our word.