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The Colossus of Mountain View, California

The mere fact that the general population prefers to say that they’re going to Google something instead of simply saying they’re going to search for something speaks volumes. It defies logic. The word “search” is monosyllabic, and simply quicker to say.

Google has two syllables, but is the first word that comes to everyone's mind when looking up a new restaurant or simply looking up a fun, new factoid.  As you very well may know, the DOW set a record yesterday, closing at 14,253.77.  What you may not know is that Google's stock soared to 838.60 per share, up nearly 300 points in one year.  Both of these things are good, not just for the domestic economy, but for the vastly interconnected global market which reflects even the most subtle doubts investors may have.  Google is not content to sit idly by and rest on its laurels.  The fledgling company has plans to one day supplant Apple's vaunted mobile operating system with their Android OS.  There are also rumors of Google wanting to compete with Amazon in the realm of same-day shipping on products.  If that weren't ambitious enough, there are even whispers of further television and even game console innovations that could potentially revolutionize the industries.  I know Google's share price is quite lofty for anyone to think about buying in, but I promise you, it's NOT GOING DOWN.  So what does all this talk about Google and its success have to do with Mad Men Marketing?  Well, the digital realm is our wheelhouse (pardon the baseball terminology), and we have a Google certified Analytics consultant, and I will be taking the test to become Google AdWords certified as early as this weekend.  This will lead to improved optimization for all of our clients.  I don't plan on stopping there either.  In a short time, I will begin studying for my Analytics certification as well, which would make us a Google Analytics certified COMPANY, a title that VERY FEW companies can boast.  At Mad Men Marketing, like Google, we're not content to proceed with business as usual.  We will continue to broaden our horizons, educate ourselves, and acquire new skill sets that will yield incomparable results.