Jacksonville: A City of Creative People!

If you haven’t had the chance to visit downtown Jacksonville during Art Walk, trust me you’re missing out. Having had my first opportunity to experience it, I can tell you that we live in a city like no other. If you have never been before, trust me you want to read this…

Once a month, Jacksonville hosts a downtown event called Art Walk. The idea of this event is to gather all types of creative people and share art, music, and fun. When I say “creative people,” the term is a broad one. You won’t just find local artists, musicians, and jewelers trying to make a living off of selling their creations, you will find that there is a certain magic that happens on the streets. You meet people with different lifestyles, see things would have never seen, and feel the energy that pulses through the lively downtown streets.

Since starting at Mad Men Marketing two weeks ago, I have slowly been immersed into the city and learned of its charms.  Whether it is going with the team to a new lunch hot spot or exploring in search for a good cup of coffee, it is never disappointing going on a downtown adventure. During Art Walk, the energy amplifies tenfold. After talking with a guy who made bracelets out of silverware, I found musicians jamming outside. I walked by a techno DJ on one corner, a drum circle at the next, followed by a rap battle happening on Adams Street. Oh, and there’s nothing like finding a new burger spot in a hole-in-the-wall place with a line out the door, and man… was it good.

I can only convey so much detail while writing a blog. The only way to truly understand what Jacksonville has to offer downtown, is to experience it for yourself. This is a city of creative people with limitless talent.

What better place to have a Creative Ad Agency?