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Prosecution and Pugilism

Ever heard an attorney make the bold statement that they’ll “fight for you”? Of course you have. These amorphous legal combatants in suits have your back, right? I realize that my title is more appropriate for a defense attorney or, perhaps personal injury, but then I would be missing out on the fun alliterative angle. That being said, look at any attorney you like, and ask yourself if they would toe the line with Canelo Alvarez.

So my query is: “When did fighting become synonymous with legal representation”?  Instead of fighting for me, why can't you navigate the pitfalls and professional loopholes of our legal system?  Is it because fighting for me makes me think you're a little more altruistic than you may be?  Should I be dredging up images of crawling through the mud and the blood in war-torn 1971 Vietnam?  Are lawyers depicted as heroes?  In most cases, certainly not.  Speaking with many people on the subject, the perception is that these people overcharge and have more hidden fees than a budget airline.  I've never been to a boxing exhibition in my life, but I'm certain many people would love to get in the ring with an attorney and put their fighting acumen to the test.  However, since the phrase is clearly not going anywhere anytime soon, an amazing promotional campaign could have a tie-in with boxing in the form of a weigh-in sponsorship or a still photo with a sponsored fighter posing with the attorney, perhaps with some novelty boxing gloves with the firm's logo.  These are the things we think of in the 'ol Mad Men dream factory.  If we had a lawyer vs. contender photo on a Ring Magazine kind of ad, or a sponsored weigh-in (which while brief, is highly publicized), then that attorney would definitely be interacting with their potential clients, and in the process, might humanize themselves a bit.