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Millennial Generation. Who are they?

Should you be forward thinking on how to plan for the Millennial generation?

Clients right now are not really focused on the millennial generation – DEMO: adults born after 1980.  The truth is, should companies start looking to a long term brand shift, that positions them better with millennials? As a millennial myself, I would tend to lean towards…who can really say at this point.  Why are we defining a generation's future buying potential – the entire reason we advertise to a demo – based on research that creates a label of age and wants/needs, focused on right now mind you.  Why doesn't anyone talk about generations X and Y?  It seems strange to me that we just jump right over two generations from baby boomers, straight to millennials.  One could, and should argue that generation X and Y are essentially one in the same.  With that, why are 34-45 years olds neglected to be “sought” after?

It's like this, a bigger percentage of the population, in terms of sheer numbers and buying power, is not the millennial generation.  My stance is this, don't neglect the consumer with the buying power today, and give the millennial generation time to become a more powerful consumer, before trying to tilt your business plan.  My generation of “millennials” is indeed still very fickle.  Many of us are still trying to figure out what we want to do for a living.  While the majority of us are concerned with being a good parent, having a successful marriage and helping others in need – many of us simply don't have the income yet to be considered a target demo for the majority of small business owners.  

The way to position your business with any generation, not just millennials, is to listen and become responsive to needs.  I'm not saying to become reactive, but rather be smart about how you are positioning your advertising and marketing efforts to all generations.  Have the ability to develop long-term campaigns that can pivot based on consumer behavior.  We have some great research available to the public on millennials, contact us today for a free copy of our research.