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Get On The Bus, Or Get Left Behind!

A long time ago, a law firm told me that they weren’t interested in marketing, advertising, or any kind of social engagement with prospective clients, and colorfully remarked that they would “leave that to the Morgan and Morgans of the world”. That statement really struck a chord with me.

It's as though he had some kind of perception that increasing the visibility of his law firm were somehow detrimental to his business plan. When reading what he wrote over and over, his words had the connotation that Morgan and Morgan and the rest of the big law firms that thrive via advertising, were somehow less than honorable for incorporating methods that exceeded word of mouth.

I read those words again.  This time they seemed envious…like someone who feigned distaste for something simply because it was out of their comfort zone, their little bubble of what was familiar.  The last time I read that lawyer's words made me think he was a child who wanted a toy that another boy had, and acted like he didn't want it just on the off chance that the other boy would stop playing with it long enough so that he could have a turn.

The world of legal representation is like any other.  You're selling something you want people to buy, but in this case, you're selling your legal expertise.  How will people ever like you….ever build a rapport with you, if they don't even KNOW you?  I'm here to tell you that advertising in the legal industry WORKS.  I've never needed an attorney in my life, but if I did, I would surely call one that advertises because those names immediately pop into my head, and my personal opinion is that one is just as good as another for any service I may ever need.

While I'm on this legal kick today, have you ever listened to a Morgan and Morgan commercial and noticed the emphasis on “FOR the people?”  For them…..not against them.  Why not “for the PEOPLE”?  Farrah and Farrah really “gets it” in my humble opinion, because he portrays himself as a very affable “every man”.  “Call me Eddie.”….and if I were ever in Mr. Farrah's office, I might feel comfortable doing just that, and I feel that he would make me feel welcome and not overwhelmed.  I salute these two law firms for doing it the right way.  Some of you may tire of the Morgan and Morgan, Farrah and Farrah, and Harrell and Harrell commercials, BUT I BET YOU REMEMBER THEM.