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Foreign Ad Market

I met a fellow from Australia this past weekend, and as we were watching a the Italy/England “football match” or as we would call, soccer game.. I noticed that he was continually either, very amused or quite offended by many of the commercials he has seen on TV in the States. I found it interesting that he had such an interest and almost emotional reaction to so many of our ads. As I plan to head abroad for the next couple weeks, I am excited to do a bit of research, myself, to see exactly how different the ads are “over there” and how we measure up…

As I head to Italy – I will be on the lookout for all sorts of traditional and nontraditional media expressions and impressions alike.  I'm looking forward to report on my findings, so as this initial set-up may seem short, the American market will get biweekly updates from me abroad as I observe, react and report on how those Europeans do it differently.

Stay tuned for an exciting adventure through the World of Advertising!