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Fact Where There’s Only Fiction

If you are a watcher of HBO and any of their Original Series programming, you may have gotten a glimpse of their new show The Newsroom. I finally caught myself up to the current episode and I must say I am very impressed. It is inspiring to see someone step out in their field (or into the world, for that matter) and assert themselves on presenting only the truth, in an industry typically ridden with hype and deceit. I think this is a situation many of us face in our own lives, whether it’s with business or personal matters – and I was encouraged by HBO’s willingness to portray the struggle of going against the grain for the sake of integrity.

As we continue our pursuit to set a new bar for our industry, I too relate to the main protagonist in this series who is “on a mission to civilize”.  And I suppose it should not be surprising when people we encounter are confused by this approach, but it is a little saddening when someone doesn't understand your business model when you say, “we are not looking to take advantage of you”.  I kid you not; people can't quite seem to get how we could operate with this mentality.  It's an explanation I'm all too ready to share every time I meet with a prospective client.

Competitive rates and good work do not need to be at odds with one another. At the same time, just because something costs a lot, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best.  Take a page from the creators of the Newsroom and give yourself a second look at the processes of those around you. In business – notice quality of content and attention to detail, these things are most important. Money is how we all survive; yes, but don't judge a book by what it costs.  And, furthermore, just because people aren't talking about it yet, doesn't mean they won't… it could simply be because they haven't heard of it yet.  Let's civilize up folks and start getting things done right.