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Ciro Lavadenz, Thank You

As I look back on the time that I’ve spent in Argentina, I would like to single out an individual who put forth a great deal of effort to ensure that myself and my group had a fantastic experience. That man is Ciro Lavadenz.

Ciro is probably the most generous and accommodating man that I've had the pleasure of meeting. He possesses an intricate working knowledge of logistics, finance, and international business. Without his guidance, my experience here would have certainly been a different one.

Ciro, I thank you, sir on behalf of all of us that had the pleasure of making your acquaintance. I will take back the many lessons learned here (business and otherwise) and incorporate them into all that I do. In me, you have a friend for life, and should you ever find yourself in Jacksonville, I will ensure that you will have a phenomenal time.