Billboards…Are They Valuable? Is Your Message Strong?

I actually hear this question often when on a new client call, or from a current client. Businesses feel that billboards are no longer effective, for some reason. Like any advertising media outlet, it all depends on your message. The way I typically answer this question, or any time a client asks about a media outlet, Let’s advertise a free $100 gift card and see if anyone responds. I think companies are forgetting that all advertising can be effective.

How can you remain effective? Well I am in the midst of my cross country journey shooting the Friends, Family, Future project, and I am constantly reminded about the same lack of clarity being displayed…and yes I am seeing a TON of billboards, and this is why I started out talking about them. I saw an ad for Mc Donald's in the Chicago area, and it was about how healthy an egg McMuffin is. But it showed just a typical picture of the sandwich, and some weak tag line about calorie count.

McDonald's has a long way to go in the health food game, we all know this and so do they, and a tag line about 300 calories isn't the way to do it. There is a better way to get someone wanting to be healthy to eat something like McDonald's – but I won't say what it is until they pay us!

The moral of the story is, please please please be thoughtful in your selection of your message, it is the difference in “effective” media placement and spending!