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A World Without Internet

I stumbled upon an interesting article on Mashable recently and I had to post about it. The article was an info graphic giving tons of internet facts. And when you think about it, it’s crazy to look back at the life of the internet. I can still remember the loud beeps coming from the computer as it signed onto the dial-up internet, and AOL at its peak.

The internet has allowed us to do many things, talk to friends, share pictures, shop online, check out the score of the game last night, blog, email, and get pretty much any information on anything that you would possibly want. The internet is a beautiful thing, and life has changed drastically because of it. So, here are some internet facts that truly show how important the internet is and what life would be without it.

1. Since 2002, the number of internet users has quadrupled, an increase to 2.3 billion people worldwide.

2. The internet has allowed us to connect with virtually anyone, and has given us access to an infinite amount of information.

3. There are approximately 550 million websites, with 300 million sites added in 2011.

Imagine a world without the Internet

4. The cost of a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica is $1200

5. Paying for stamps instead of sending emails would cost the US $6.3 Trillion

6. The cost of online content is $0

7.  Your favorite internet companies would have never existed: Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Groupon, Google, Amazon, etc

Nobody would have an internet job

8. Facebook by itself created 450,000 US jobs

9. The internet creates 2.6 jobs for every job it makes obsolete

10. The spread of information would come to a screeching halt.

11. 65% of people get their news online

12. 1 minute of Twitter equals 100,000 tweets

13. In one month of Facebook, 30 billion pieces of content are shared

14. Revolutions would take longer: The fall of the Berlin wall took 4 months, it took one week for 90,000 Egyptians to organize a revolution and only 18 days of protest to overthrow 30 years of dictatorship

15. Collectively, we spend 35 billion hours on the internet every month

16. Every day we consume 3 times the amount of information that we did in the 60's