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Turning Weakness To Strength

How many people have to go to the bank at least once a week and buy a $10 roll of quarters to park downtown? How many have parked in a parking lot, paid for a day-long pass, and then left for lunch only to discover that your spot has been taken?

It's a point of frustration for many that I wanted to address with the city.  After speaking with a representative from the department, it's a point of frustration for them too from a budgetary standpoint.  Do not abandon hope though.  There are plans in the works to implement more parking meters that read credit/debit cards (there are currently approximately 500 in the downtown area with more planned)  as well as something that many of us have probably never thought about, paying via cell phone.  High occupancy parking garages are getting the bulk of the attention prior to expansion on Bay Street toward the stadium, but there are plans next year for steady expansion concerning all aspects of parking.

I hope this alleviates some of the concern for the downtown faithful who roll the dice with tow trucks and parking tickets from time to time.  I would like to thank Jack Shad for responding to me so quickly when I reached out to him, as well as encouraging me to bring any ideas his way.  I'm thankful that we have someone filling the role that is completely open to ideas from the public.  I implore all of those who read this blog not to let such an invitation go to waste.