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S.H.E. Matters: 5 Women-Owned Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

This holiday season, let’s redirect our focus to the incredible women entrepreneurs who are shaping industries and making a significant impact on our society!

Join us as we shine a spotlight on five inspiring women-owned businesses. From unique handmade creations to innovative services, these enterprises showcase the diversity, resilience, and creativity of women in the business world.

Championing the Cause for the Holidays

Celebrate the season of giving by exploring the diverse and impactful stories of women-owned businesses! Some of our favorite women-owned businesses that are perfect for supporting during the holiday season include: 

    • A nonprofit fair-trade shop that offers handcrafted goods made by artisans around the world, empowering women in underserved communities.
    • A family-owned farm and beauty brand producing natural skincare and soap products, prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendly practices.
    • An independent fragrance brand hand-pouring soy wax candles and producing small-batch home fragrance goods in Los Angeles.
    • A jewelry brand specializing in minimalist and versatile pieces, including earrings, necklaces, and rings, perfect for gifting.
    • Wearable jewelry handcrafted in Ventura, California including necklaces, rings, bracelets, chains, and more. 

This holiday season, by choosing to support women-owned businesses, you’re not just finding unique and thoughtful gifts, but also making a meaningful impact in promoting gender equity and helping women entrepreneurs thrive! 

Women-owned businesses often face unique challenges and barriers. By choosing to support them, you contribute to their economic independence, helping women achieve financial stability and success! 

Want to learn more about how we can help with advertising for women-owned businesses? Feel free to reach out to our team or visit our S.H.E. Matters page to learn more.