What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Besides seeing my favorite artists in concert or performing my own live concerts in my car (I don’t know why I haven’t been picked up by a music label yet), you can catch me reading on my iPad, walking on the beach (only when it’s cold, I hate being sweaty and the beach is way too crowded in the summer), kicking butt in Words With Friends, and looking for new artists and songs to listen to!
We hear you’re an animal lover, tell us more!
Listen, my biggest personality trait is my love for my dog and, against my better judgment, my cat (I’ve been told a time or 5 that she looks very mean and would definitely push you into traffic if you look at her wrong). I of course adopted both of them at humane societies and wouldn’t change a thing! Jasmine, my dog, is the biggest cuddle bug and is notorious for tearing her ACLs’ because she’s got part Whippet in her and loves to run. Lucy, my cat? Well, she eats and sometimes sleeps with me, she will also definitely voice her displeasure or hunger very quickly, she’s pretty cool though. But, I digress. Wanna see a picture..or even better, 10 pictures of my dog??!
What’s your favorite aspect about working here?
There are quite a few things I love about working with the Mad Men team, let me break it down for you. I’ve always been in structured jobs. I used to work in the restaurant industry as a manager, at Publix as a bakery clerk, a receptionist at a car dealership, and finally, as a teller and loan officer at a credit union for almost 4 years. It was basically the same thing every shift, following the process, helping customers, and sticking to the books. I feel ESSENTIAL and not just because I’m another body. I don’t feel overlooked with this team of amazing and talented individuals, I can reach out for help without second-guessing myself and feeling like I’m just another number. Not to mention every day brings something new into my life, I have the potential to grow with amazing co-workers and leadership while being able to have fun with them at work. Also actually having a personal life outside of work? Priceless. 
Is it true that you love raw tomatoes?
As Tik Tok once said, “Oh my god, corny, *blows raspberry*, lame, boooo, tomato tomato tomato, throwing tomatoes.” 
There’s a reason people throw raw tomatoes because there’s nothing more accurate than throwing DISGUSTING raw tomatoes, to show your deepest level of displeasure for someone. I’ll just leave it at that.
Top 5 favorite music artists. GO!
ONLY 5?! You’re really making me sweat right now, and as previously established, … I don’t like to sweat. These are my current top 5, though:
Foo Fighters (Always my #1, will never not be my #1, go on with your bad self, Dave Grohl..and take me with you please.)
K. Flay (seriously, listen to Bad Vibes, you won’t be able to stop dancing or badly attempting her raspy melodic tone)
All American Rejects (My little emo Millennial heart will always have me belting out Move Along)
Tai Verdes (Give a listen to A-O-K or Feeling This Bad v2, you won’t be feeling sad for long)
The Wombats (Let’s Dance to Joy Division? Greek Tragedy? Turn? Lemon to a Knife Fight? If You Ever Leave I’m Coming with You? I have yet to see a band come out with this many bops and have such obscure song titles) 
If you see me, ask me about what music I listen to. You’ll walk out of it with a new best friend and a very long playlist of songs to listen to 🙂 



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