Making some bold moves – GM

I am excited about the recent bold moves GM has been making via Joel Ewanick! Pulling out of Facebook all together, denouncing the cost of a :30 spot in the Super Bowl and inking a deal to get his trucks in the remake of Dallas. Smart moves on his part? Or part of a greater strategy?

So why do I like these “bold moves” Mr. Ewanick has been making?  He is getting some great press for appearing to be a maverick in the advertising world.  I agree with him pulling out of Facebook.  As a company that has planned and run/currently running Facebook campaigns, I can understand the lack luster results experienced while running interrupting ads on the social giant.  There in lies the problem with Facebook and PPC campaigns – they lack interaction for the consumer.  In fact they do just the opposite, they interrupt consumers.  Think about it for a minute, you go to Google and search for some thing that you know you are looking for, without a doubt you know…then you get bombarded with “sponsored links” and suggested pages…which fewer and fewer people are clicking on each day.  So pulling out of Facebook all together?  Good idea?  Yes, check!  Pulling out of the Super Bowl – The jury is still out on this one.  I think companies have not truly utilized this massive audience yet.  Running a :30 spot during the Super Bowl can sure be memorable, but does it drive sales?  I think in the past companies like Monster have been the beneficiaries of these overpriced pieces of advertising real estate, but does Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser, or GM truly benefit from spots that run in this game?  I say NO.  It is a great platform to “spring board” a new campaign, new product or service, or change a direction with a new corporate branding campaign.  So spring board yes, product loyalty – not really.  Mr. Ewanick – kudos for these bold moves, I have some ideas that you have to hear…you are becoming a marketing Maverick, and if you want some “non-conforming” ideas presented to you, please reach out to this bold agency.