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Mad Men Marketing’s Array of 2022 Awards

We don’t like to brag, but… well, actually, scratch that. Maybe we do like to brag. Just a little, at least.

After all, our team worked hard throughout 2022 and we’re proud! Why wouldn’t we want to show off all of that effort and talent?

That’s why we’re here today with a rundown of the different awards the Mad Men Marketing team earned for the 2022 year:


  • The NYX Awards
    • Gold — Design, Single Poster Category

Brackish, our locally-owned, locally distilled vodka client, may be slightly salty, but we aren’t after winning gold for this category! Diving deep into everything #DUUUVAL, this design wasn’t just about honoring the brand’s Jax roots; it was also about fun. Sweet, simple, and maybe a little salty.

    • Gold — Design, Character Category

Luce Air Quality deals with mold, asbestos, and all sorts of certifiably un-cute topics. Which is precisely why they wanted a cute character: to take the opposite approach of competitors that rely on scare tactics. Thus, we designed Lucey, the most huggable mold monster you’ll ever set your eyes on.

    • Silver — Design, Packaging Category

Watch out, because together we made waves with Brackish — again! We were committed to designing packaging that was as cool and refreshing as the product itself, and we’d like to think we succeeded. And the NYX Awards would agree.

    • Silver — Social Media, Social Engagement Category

You need marketing know-how. We have marketing know-how at Mad Men Marketing. And what better way to meet all of our needs than to share them in bite-sized carousel graphics? That’s what our Mad Tips campaign was all about, and it was a mad success.


  • The Muse Awards
    • Gold — Social Media, Consumer Campaign Category

Wait, didn’t we just talk about this campaign, like, in the last paragraph? Yep, we did. And it won yet another award, so we consider that a victory that speaks for itself.

    • Gold — Corporate Identities, Logo Category

When we tackled a new logo for Champion Roofing & Contracting, we knew it was paramount that we put their patriotism first. We proudly showcased their new logo, and now we proudly showcase the ensuing accolade.

    • Silver — Corporate Identity, Brand Identity Category

What’s that? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… Brackish! Back again to claim an award! And the crowd goes wild! (We recommend you imagine the sound of a cheering crowd here.)


  • The Vega Awards
    • Centauri — Digital Illustration, Single Category

When we sat down to design the logo and overall packaging for Screaming Peacock Coffee, we knew it needed to be as sleek and impressive as it was fun and vibrant. And to win the acknowledgment of the Vega Awards? Why, we’re honored.

    • Arcturus — Email Newsletters, Business, News and Technology Category

We wrote this one for ourselves. The newsletter, “Cut the Cord: Streaming Now Officially Reigns Supreme,” was all about how streaming finally and officially — in numbers — overtook cable. And you bet we jumped right on that.

    • Arcturus — Video/Online Video, White Board Video Category

Avecina Medical has been there for its patients time and again, so we wanted to be there to help them distill their brand identity and services into an easy-to-watch video. Voilà, enter the whiteboard video!


  • The Indigo Awards

This rebrand was all about reimagining our client synergistically, as “synergy” is a driving force behind their industry-leading healthcare model. As a result, this rebrand, in and of itself, won the following awards:

  • Silver in Medicine 2022
  • Bronze in Branding 2022
  • Bronze in Logos 2022
  • Honorable Mention in Icon Design 2022, Agency


  • Business Journal of Tampa Bay & Jacksonville
    • Healthiest Workplace

We meditated. We held mocktails competitions. We even made specialized wellness bingo cards. And not only did it pay off in terms of our team’s health (and enjoyment), but it paid off in terms of recognition in not just one, but two cities!


Long story short, we’re proud. We’re proud of our team. Proud of our clients. Proud of our creativity, work ethic, and commitment to quality.

And so we have to ask: Would you like to work with an award-winning marketing agency?

If so, contact Mad Men Marketing today by calling (904) 355-1766! We’d love to produce some award-winning content for you.