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Mad Men Are Mad About Dining In Jacksonville

We all have our little spots, our hole-in-the wall places that we adore. So here is the rundown (without any specific attention paid to location throughout the city) of all the Mad Men favorite places to dine and why you should go there too. This is also the first blog collaboration. Let us know how you like it.

Ryan- LOS PORTALES on Belfort is my home away from home.  The staff is incredibly friendly and if you know your Mexican food, you can order chorizo con queso which isn't even on the menu, PLUS they have dollar domestic beers all day, every day.  Very near to the Mad Men office is  UNDERBELLY which has a limited menu, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.  I recommend the pork sliders that are absolutely stuffed with pork.  Wash it down with a Well's Banana Bread Beer.  Next we come to the MOSSFIRE GRILL.  This little gem is my favorite place for Tex-Mex as well as some of the best grilled wings I've had.  As an honorable mention, I love Johnny Angel's on St. John's Bluff Rd.  It has a neat 50's flare with great food and generous portions.  It's a must if you're in search of a diner.

Michele- I LOVE Italian food so my first choice is this little place in Jax Beach called NINI'S, on Penman Rd.  They have the best pizza in Jacksonville and I will challenge anyone who says any different.  Thai food is also a favorite and INDOCHINE, on Adam's street downtown, does it well with their Pad Thai and pork dumplings.  A third would have to be JAX CITY CAFE, right around the corner from Mad Men Headquarters. Their breakfast sandwiches are why I get out of bed in the morning and they also house a fantastic variety for the lunch crowd.  Happy eating!!

Justin- One of my favorites in town would have to be O'BROTHERS IRISH PUB in Riverside. They have the BEST buffalo chicken sandwich (and that's coming from someone who orders one almost every time, if its on the menu). Another restaurant I frequent is JAX CITY CAFE. As Michele said, its right around the street from the Mad Men headquarters, which makes it convenient on top of having some of the best sandwiches in town. KICKBACKS is another great restaurant in Jacksonville. They have almost every type of food you could possibly want, and everything I've tried so far was delicious. They also deliver which makes it even better. And on top of all that, they have some of the best microbrews around. One more place I would have to mention is METRO DINER. They have some of the best breakfast items in town, and they also have a great lunch menu for later on in the day. For breakfast I am a big fan of their Eggs Benedict.

JD- I really like OLIO off of Bay St.  It's a quaint little cafe with reasonable prices.  I highly recommend the salmon salad, with the shrimp po' boy coming in a close second.  I also really like UNDERBELLY, also on Bay St. Grab a pulled pork pizza and listen to some good music while you're there.  JAX CITY CAFE is also high on my list of faves.