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Jacksonville Tourism?

My name is Kim Braesch. This entry is my first blog entry as an intern at Mad Men Marketing. I am fairly new to Jacksonville. I grew up in the Midwest and moved down here 2 ½ years ago. A friend recently came down for a week-long visit. Before he scheduled his flight, he had no idea what part of the state Jacksonville was even in. He asked me where I live in relation to Disney World. When people outside the region think of Florida, that is the first thing on their minds.

Jacksonville may not be perceived as the most touristic city in Florida. It doesn’t have the appeal of giant theme parks or the pull of the well-known Keys, but therein lies the potential. Jacksonville is less crowded than many of the ‘hot spots’ in Florida. When people road-trip to Florida, Jacksonville is potentially the first Florida city they drive through, but this city is more than just a pit-stop on the way to theme parks. Jacksonville has so many unique traits that other cities in the United States cannot boast.

I have fallen in love with this city over the past few years and I have no desire to leave anytime soon. One of the most prominent things that attracts me to Jacksonville is the food. Jacksonville has so many great local restaurants. When my friend vacationed here we were able to try a new place every night. We were never bored; there is something in this city for everyone.

 There is so much potential for Jacksonville to grow and attract more people. Jacksonville is home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Although they may not have the greatest record, they can soon boast that their stadium has the two largest end zone score boards in the world. The reputation of the team has only increased since Shahid Khan has purchased the team. The Players Championship also takes place in Jacksonville. Many people come to see the championship, but there is no reason why they shouldn’t stay for the city.

Jacksonville has beautiful beaches that don’t get overly crowded. It is within driving distance of St. Augustine, the oldest city in America, as well as Cape Canaveral, where people can explore the history of space exploration. On top of that, Jacksonville boasts a zoo, several museums, various concert venues, many sports teams, beautiful parks and golf courses, and numerous festivals.

If Jacksonville increases awareness of all the exciting things happening in this city, there is no reason Jacksonville can’t become a top destination for Florida tourists.