interact, don’t interrupt

interact, don’t interrupt – what is it?

If you do not know already, we are focused on a consumer-driven brand – “interact, don't interrupt”.  Why is that important?  I have said in the past that you can connect in entirely new ways through a consumer-driven approach.  But let's think about it for a minute by examining the Mad Men Marketing brand statement.

When I developed “interact, don't interrupt”, it was with one thought in mind – I needed to convey a message to clients that would help them understand what we at Mad Men Marketing are trying to accomplish, and that is to run advertising that isn't just the normal interruptive campaigns.  How can we create an interactive approach that engages the consumer?  For example, don't just run price point ads, drive someone to an offer that requires them to interact with the brand, rather than just be force fed the brand through traditional means.  This is a question we pose to our clients on a daily basis, and our brand “interact, don't interrupt” really pushes that home.  It in essence is our lead off to every pitch to every client, current and potential.  It is something that allows our clients (who are consumers by the way) to connect to our brand and that is the ultimate goal in our branding efforts.

Our one-sheets, mailers, video, website and on and on are all about “interact, don't interrupt”.  When we present to a client it helps us to drive home our efforts, and is something clients have come to expect.  We would love to help develop a brand that brands your customers and not your business – sounds crazy right?  Give us a shot to show you something new and it may surprise you.