Buck this! GM at it again…I love it!

So our Maverick is at it again…and you guessed it, we love it! Joel Ewanick you are putting together a great run of surprises and continued “maverick-esk” behavior that we have come to admire. Some folks think it is a power play, well played so far! Think about it for a minute, you are getting crazy amounts of PR, striking some fear and sense into the broadcast television world and doing it all while serving your brand with the type of outward brash business appearance GM deserves.

What's even better is that the networks apparently think they can do without a share of that $1.8 billion in advertising revenue.  Lest they forget there is an outside chance that if they take no share of on-air dollars, they will get no share of the digital dollars?  Coming from a broadcast television station I have seen it hundreds of times, tell them we don't need their money (Q1), to maybe we should have taken the money (Q2), oh well we have political now and don't need it (Q3), audit report comes out and stations find a major shift in rev share – why didn't we take the GM money (Q4)?!  I say continue to act on this well planned and well played attack on an industry that needs to have a trend bucked from time to time.

I think the best thing to do is buck the traditional spot schedules and force a more competitive interactive approach from the networks.  Make them earn the ad dollars by being more creative than punching some numbers into a system and generating a schedule with day parts that are “must-have”.  Force the network hands to creating a package that a $1.8 billion budget demands.  There has to be a better effort at product placement, social contesting and interactive digital experiences, to warrant any real investment.  I would challenge the networks to develop an interactive online campaign that the market has never seen, really make the digital dollars go to the next level.  If you can tell we have some ideas for you…

At the end of the day just continue to do what you are doing and it will be just what the media industry needs…to be bucked!