Broadcast Television

Have you ever considered buying broadcast television?

Better yet, if you are small business with a budget of less than $100k per year – have you ever considered buying broadcast?  You may be shocked to learn some things…Have you ever wondered how great it would be for your business if you could have a spot in American Idol? Or CSI, Blue Bloods or any other big prime time show? Isn't it great how well the local broadcast stations sell – yes I am going here again – THE SIZZLE? Prime time is some sort of mystical day part for some reason. So you spend $1200-$5000 on this mystical day part…and why? Because you get convinced it does a great number? By number I mean ratings of course. Did you know you can get the same number of eye balls if you buy local news or syndicated programming? The same people watching American Idol are the same people watching other programming…programming you can buy more efficiently and get more frequency. So you pay $1,200 for a local spot in prime…did you know that gets you a weeks worth of spots in a local news/syndicated programming schedule. Your best bet is to stay away from prime programming, unless you really want to waste your advertising budget. Next week I will discuss this problem more in depth. Stay tuned!